About us


To deliver quality and affordable solutions to clients with efficiency, effectiveness and the highest standard of professionalism, courtesy and integrity.


Johnson & Johnson main goal is to bring together a team of highly qualified specialists in all disciplines so as to address effectively their clients' needs to ensure their success and our corporate growth.


Johnson & Johnson, Certified Public Accountants, is an audit practice founded in 1984 in Uganda, originally registered as P. K. Bahemuka & Co.

Johnson & Johnson has since evolved, grown and developed into a fully-fledged professional services Firm and keeping up to date Membership with international associations in our areas of operation to keep abreast with the latest standards on auditing, which we practice and comply with.  The Firm's policy is to grow and expand in response to clients' demand for its services.  We work in close association with some of the world’s biggest and most reputable auditing Firms for collaboration and bench marking.

The Firm is an Approved  Platinum Trainer and Employer of the Association of Chartered Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) of the United Kingdom as well as the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda ICPA (U).

Our Human Capital Management and Development Division ensures we keep abreast with the times and the ever changing demands of our clients in terms of the human resource.

Our Clients

We are accredited service providers for USAID, WORLD BANK, EUROPEAN UNION, UNFPA, and other UN Agencies, DFID, AfDB, EDF, IFAD and other Multilateral Institutions, funding agencies and foreign missions. We have provided value for money professional services to both the Private and Public sector and not for profit organisations.

For a comprehensive Client list and length of engagement, please contact the Business Development and Advisory Services Division.