What Makes Us Different

Johnson & Johnson views employees as the greatest assets and recognizes that a major contributing factor to our success is our people.

The firm prescribes to a culture of professionalism and service excellence and we recruit individuals who embrace these core values. We strive to create a culture that permeates our entire firm.

We are firmly committed to nurturing growth, innovation, training, coaching and mentoring, performance appraisals, talent management, knowledge management, rewarding and recognizing effort.

Our staff training is aimed at providing a sound investment in the development of accountants, mainly from formerly disadvantaged backgrounds. With emphasis being on providing opportunities that align with the advancement of the accounting profession, staff members are encouraged to perform well academically.

Our Human Capital Management & Development Policy includes formal and on the job training as well as mentoring programs. Our partnership with various entities allows for most formal training courses to be outsourced to training institutions.

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