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The Firm has marshalled staff strength of both full-time and Associate Consultants averaging at all times 60 professionals in varying disciplines. Staff composition is both full-time and associate enabling the Firm to offer the following services:

Prior to considering whether a given business entity should be wound up as requested by a client, the Firm first undertakes a study to establish whether the ailing Organisation can be salvaged through a re-organisation of one sort or another. If this is found to be feasible, restructuring recommendations are developed and with the consent of the client executed and implemented.  Among the services provided here are:

  • Voluntary members' or creditors' liquidations.
  • Assets and/or share valuations for solvent or insolvent entities.
  • Compulsory liquidations and Receiverships to wind up organisations which fail to fulfil their   obligations to lending or financing institutions which would be seeking to realize their securities from the former.
  • Funds Management
  • Corporation financial forecasts and cash flow management advice.
  • Investment advice: Corporate Securities, Government Securities and Money Market Instruments.
  • Pension Fund management.
  • Advice on management of corporate assets portfolio and insurance.
  • Financial Analyses for proposed take-overs and mergers.
  • Advice on financing; leasing, loans, equity, etc.

Encompassed here are:

  • Formation and incorporation of companies: Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Applications for various licences and permits required by various relevant authorities.
  • Share allotments and transfers.
  • Filing annual returns and changes in directorships.
  • Taking minutes at shareholders' and directors' meetings.
  • Maintaining the requisite statutory records.
  • Guiding the board and management on statutory and regulatory requirements.



We take a critical look at the operations of each of our clients and propose the required interventions and support to ensure that their tax compliance functions are adequately addressed and dealt with. Johnson & Johnson will ensure that the company complies with the tax laws as per the income Tax Act Cap. 340 and the Value Added Tax Act, Cap 349 of the Laws of Uganda, as well as any international tax laws that apply to the existence and operations of the Client.
We offer a wide range of direct and indirect taxation services from tax planning and advisory through corporate tax determination, tax return completion, tax audits and reviews, tax education and tax clinics as well as tax compliance services in a number of areas depending on our client’s business. Our services include the following: 

Corporation Tax accounting, statutory reporting and risk advisory services. We focus on IFRS tax accounting and tax controls, statutory reporting, processes and risk management and provide tax accounting support in a number of areas including:


Corporate taxation

  • Provisional and Final Tax Computation.
  • Filing of Returns.
  • Self- Assessment.
  • Withholding tax Exemptions application.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) application.
  • Tax Instalment Payments.
  • Tax Objections and Appeals.
  • Legal advisory and Tax Correspondence.
  • Capital Allowance and other reliefs.
  • Investment and Tax incentives Advisory.
  • Advice on other Tax Planning Options.
  • Negotiation with URA on behalf of clients.

Individual and non-corporate

  • Provisional and Final Income Tax Computation.
  • Filing of Returns
  • Withholding Tax Credits Advisory.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) application
  • Income Tax Relief Advisory.
  • Legal Advisory and Correspondence.
  • Tax Objections & Appeals
  • Tax Planning.
  • Negotiation with URA on behalf of clients.

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

  • Registration for PAYE Compliance
  • Monthly and Annual Returns Processing and Filing
  • Assistance with Tax Audits.
  • Legal Advisory and Tax Correspondence


  • VAT Application and Registration.
  • Assistance with interpretation of VAT Statute Provisions.
  • Monthly VAT Returns and other Assessments.
  • VAT Administration and Accounting.
  • Assistance with VAT Audits.
  • Tax Objections and Appeals.
  • Legal Advisory and Tax Correspondence.


  • Interpretation of provisions in legal framework.
  • Review and update of instructions from fiscal Regulators.
  • Import and Export Documentation Reviews.
  • Determination of Tax Incidence and Application of Tax Law.



The Firm’s Audit, Assurance and Business Advisory assignments cover a wide spectrum of clientele in diverse sectors of the economies of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan including Agriculture, Co-operatives, Parastatals, Local Authorities, Multi-Nationals, Tourism, Finance, Government, Educational Institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations and International Aid Agencies.

The services offered fall under the direct responsibility and supervision of the partners assigned. One partner, one colleague partner, Manager, Senior and Assistant staff members would normally be assigned each job. The partners are ultimately responsible for each job and we have internal control measures to ensure only quality work is produced. At the end of each assignment, the partners in-charge meet the client for a final session to ensure the client if satisfied with the work done.

A regular characteristic of our audit are detailed reports of useful recommendations to management. Another regular component is that Management letters are as a rule issued on completion of each final audit visit.

Approach to EDP Auditing

The Firm is actively using IDEA Program as its principal software tool for EDP-based audits. Our efforts now are geared towards getting our clients to automate their financial records for more qualitative and cost effective audits.

Other Audits: Value for Money, Quality Assurance Reviews

Relationship with Regulatory Bodies

  • The Firm is accredited by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda which are also members of ECSAFA (East, Central and Southern Africa Federation of Accountants).The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).
  • The Firm is also an ACCA accredited Trainer and Employer at the Platinum Level.
  • The Firm is also among the list of Firms also recognised by the Uganda Insurance Commission to undertake professional work in the Insurance Industry.
  • The Firm is among the list of Firms recognised by the Bank of Uganda to undertake professional work in the financial services industry.
  • The Firm is among the list of Firms recognised by the Office of the Auditor General of Uganda and has performed a number of referral assignments on his behalf.
  • The Firm is also among the list of Firms accredited by USAID, DFID and The European Union.
  • The Firm is currently the accredited as auditors of the United Nations Population Fund in Uganda.
  • The Firm is currently accredited as auditors to the World Bank for its country projects and programmes.