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We take a critical look at the operations of each of our clients and propose the required interventions and support to ensure that their tax compliance functions are adequately addressed and dealt with. Johnson & Johnson will ensure that the company complies with the tax laws as per the income Tax Act Cap. 340 and the Value Added Tax Act, Cap 349 of the Laws of Uganda, as well as any international tax laws that apply to the existence and operations of the Client.
We offer a wide range of direct and indirect taxation services from tax planning and advisory through corporate tax determination, tax return completion, tax audits and reviews, tax education and tax clinics as well as tax compliance services in a number of areas depending on our client’s business. Our services include the following: 

Corporation Tax accounting, statutory reporting and risk advisory services. We focus on IFRS tax accounting and tax controls, statutory reporting, processes and risk management and provide tax accounting support in a number of areas including:


Corporate taxation

  • Provisional and Final Tax Computation.
  • Filing of Returns.
  • Self- Assessment.
  • Withholding tax Exemptions application.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) application.
  • Tax Instalment Payments.
  • Tax Objections and Appeals.
  • Legal advisory and Tax Correspondence.
  • Capital Allowance and other reliefs.
  • Investment and Tax incentives Advisory.
  • Advice on other Tax Planning Options.
  • Negotiation with URA on behalf of clients.

Individual and non-corporate

  • Provisional and Final Income Tax Computation.
  • Filing of Returns
  • Withholding Tax Credits Advisory.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) application
  • Income Tax Relief Advisory.
  • Legal Advisory and Correspondence.
  • Tax Objections & Appeals
  • Tax Planning.
  • Negotiation with URA on behalf of clients.

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

  • Registration for PAYE Compliance
  • Monthly and Annual Returns Processing and Filing
  • Assistance with Tax Audits.
  • Legal Advisory and Tax Correspondence


  • VAT Application and Registration.
  • Assistance with interpretation of VAT Statute Provisions.
  • Monthly VAT Returns and other Assessments.
  • VAT Administration and Accounting.
  • Assistance with VAT Audits.
  • Tax Objections and Appeals.
  • Legal Advisory and Tax Correspondence.


  • Interpretation of provisions in legal framework.
  • Review and update of instructions from fiscal Regulators.
  • Import and Export Documentation Reviews.
  • Determination of Tax Incidence and Application of Tax Law.